Currently Crushing: Mila Kunis

Hi Friends!

I really like Mila Kunis. She’s been making her media rounds as of late, promoting her new movie and I’m like, happy about it. She spoke out recently about the bullying she has personally received over breast feeding her baby in public and how absolutely redic it is. Are people for real about being uncomfortable with that? Or do they just stare because it’s a celeb boob? Let’s be honest, a boob is a boob even if it makes seven figures a film.

Interesting factoid: I know that Mila holds a special place in Irina’s heart for sharing the same birthplace of Ukraine.

Regardless of boobs and birthplace, here’s why I currently crush on Mila Kunis.


Mila giving the thumbs up.


Mila carrying take-out.


Mila biting her nails.


Mila telling a secret.


Mila’s got one hand in her pocket and the other one’s holding a cell phone.


Mila eating a hot dog.


Mila eating an orchid.


Mila wearing this bomb af coat.


Mila getting a mani.


Mila being flawless.


 Don’t ya just love her? If you think about it, Mila has been on the scene for a long time now. She was only 15 when she started on That 70s Show. And also if you take a second to think about her and Ashton’s love story, it’s wicked cute. Oops I mean really cute. Wicked is just a Boston thing…or so I’m told.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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