Don’t Call It A Comeback.

Hi Friends!

Isn’t it funny how fashion trends get recycled? I remember when bell-bottoms were all the rage and my mother saying she should have saved all her old ones from the 70s had she known they’d be back in style. Ya cool, whatever mom.

I also remember thinking that never ever would the style of the 90s make a comeback. Flannels? Ill fitting jeans? Track suits? Well guess what, I was wrong and here are 10 bitchin’ 90s styles and the bitchin’ trendy celebs that are proving me wrong.


1. The Sporty Spice

Bella Hadid


2. The Crop Top


Candice Swanepoel


3. The Loose Summer Dress

Hailey Baldwin

4. The Flashy Tommy Hilfiger

Suki & Immy Waterhouse

5. The High-waisted jeans, black belt

Gigi & Kendall

6. The Choker

Ashley Graham

7. The Baby Tee Under Dress

Chloe Sevigny


8. The Baywatch Bathing Suit

Kylie Jenner

9. The Crushed Velvet


Jennifer Lawrence


10. The Long Floral Print Dress


 Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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