Transformation Tuesday: Melissa McCarthy

Hi Friends!

Can Melissa McCarthy do any wrong? Idk. She pumps out comedies like it’s her job…okay well it is her job but at least she’s pretty good at it and the fact that the new Ghostbusters  is an all female cast brings a tear of joy to my eye.

I realized after finishing up this post of the star, that the word transformation doesn’t really quite fit here – evolve is more like it.  But like, it’s called Transformation Tuesday not Evolve Tuesday…so here we are. You’ll see what I mean below. 




Umm I literally always wondered how Kate Gosselin described the style she wanted to her hair dresser. She obvs brought this pic with her.



Melissa obvs decided to grow her hair out – thank G-D – but her eyes are scaring me and the tiny hat is giving me anxiety.



Channeling what I like to call the Joey Potter. Ya know, the whole sweet and innocent girl-next-door-American Eagle-jean jacket style. Like she just came from up the creek.



Very wholesome, very cute, very un-stylish.



I get it, when I feel uncomfortable in my own body I layer it up. If I cover every inch of skin with fabric no one can tell that I’ve gained a few LBs. I think we’ve all been there at some point. But let the record show, it doesn’t work. Especially when you throw on a pair of square toe bright red cowboy boots.


Disney, ABC Television Group All Star Party

Okay, time to either get a stylist or fire your current one, Melis.



That’s better! I’m loving this dress. Aside from it being super flattering and perfect for her figure, it has pockets. Why doesn’t every single dress have pockets? How effing hard is it to cut slits on each side of a dress?



I can only assume she stuck her finger inside an electric socket just prior to this photograph.



Who can really pull off heavy curtain bangs, anyways? I do love the leather dress and cheetah heels, though.


I mean, hello gorgeous. Hand on the hip? A sure sign of confidence.



Today, Melissa is absolutely radiant!

See what I mean about Melissa’s evolution? I’m not gonna go into the whole “Good for her!” or add the P-S (plus-size) word anywhere. Except right there, but that’s just for reference. I HATE that word. It’s the same thing with Ashley Graham. Whenever she’s mentioned it’s always “P-S model, Ashley Graham”. Like, why can’t it just be “Model Ashley Graham”?

Anyways. Melissa seems like she has it all these days. She’s got the hits, she’s got the fam, and she’s got the style. The style part just took some work and I have a feeling confidence had something to do with it.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren


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