Thanks For Everything, Britney.

Hi Friends!

So, where do I begin with this? If you’re one of my handful of followers – including my close friends who are obligated to follow- you are most likely aware of my infatuation with pop culture. I try and tell myself that celebrity’s are humans like me and you – they all put their pants on one leg at a time – but I just can’t. Besides, they have assistants and stylists to put their pants on for them so that argument can be easily debunked.

Personally, the fascination and intrigue started to blossom when I was around eleven years old. Just as the golden age of pop music made it’s way onto mainstream media. Grunge was officially over and it was time for the belly button rings and choreographed dance moves to make their way into the hearts of middle-schoolers around the world.

Who was it’s Queen? Why, Ms. Britney Spears, of course. I was hooked instantly and today, almost 20 years later – I continue to serve as her loyal subject. Below are the top 5 ways and reasons I’m thankful for the Princess of Pop.


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1. I grew up with her. 

Sure, at the beginning there was Justin Timberlake and N*Sync – and although the obsession was certainly intense – it didn’t last. Lust comes and goes – Britney is forever.

She been at my middle school dances, bat mitzvah, proms, college dorm (I hung her life-size poster proudly) and late night car-ride-karaoke seshs. I’ve been with her, too. Defending her talent, waiting patiently for her party girl phase to end and traveling to Vegas with two of my best friends to see her show.

It feels like we’ve been through a lot together, but separately.

2. She’s had her ups and downs. 

Part of what was so shocking about Britney’s bad year (2007) was that before it occurred, there was really nothing of it’s kind. There was nothing for us to reference.

Image result for britney interview gifsThe months – or even few years – leading up to it gave us a glimpse, and certainly left me with a bad taste in my mouth – but no one in a million years would have guessed how sad and how broken our Britney had become. Never had a superstar so publicly gone from something so high to something so low.

This wasn’t like a Lindsay Lohan meltdown, this was our Britney and she needed help. And everyone – at least in my mind it was everyone – wanted to help and wanted her to pull though it.

3. She’s got it all but doesn’t always use it. 

What’s that saying? You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl? Personally, I don’t know much about being country, but it certainly seems to be the case with Brit. What I do know is that Brit’s a multi-millionaire and still shops at Walmart and Target. She has designers and stylists on speed dial – but is still photographed wearing Sketcher sneakers, socks and gym shorts at Disney Land. And sometimes you can still see the remains of the previous nights mascara and eyeliner when she’s out running errands or posting selfies.



4. She can be kind of a dork and a little awkward.

Following Britney on Instagram is a total trip. She’s all over the place with her posts. She posts her fair share of bikini, kids, dance…ya know, mostly giving the people what they want from her. My favorites though? The posts you can tell are really her. As if she googled “butterflies” or “pretty flowers” and posted whichever was her favorite from images.


 The captions too. So great. She’s like that distant aunt I have who believes in witches and buys fairy dust online from Amazon. We love her though, she’s blood. Same goes for Britney.

I also love how awk Britney can be, sometimes it’s as if she’s downright uncomfortable in the spotlight.


Image result for awkward smile emoji

5. She’s the OG. 

Sure, new pop princesses have, and continue to make their marks but we all pay homage to the numero uno. giphy-8.gif

Bey and Jay have sat front row in Vegas. Gaga threw a rose on stage during her encore (I know this because I happened to be in the audience that night. Nbd.) Brit may not be the most innovative, social media savvy or youngest pop star these days, but she’s got respect. You respect the original gangster that made the school girl outfit cool, danced live on stage with a white python, and made it through hell and back. You respect the woman that has pretty much given her entire life to us – even though sometimes it’s as if he wants no part of it.

Today, as she releases her ninth studio album, I say thank you, Britney.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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