Summer 2016 Winners + Losers

Hi Friends!

Don’t cry because summer is over, smile because Anthony Weiner never tweeted you a dick pic and you’re Zika free!

This summer’s headlines were definitely juicy, to say the least. We had a little bit of it all. Glass ceilings were broken, pop stars were exposed, history was made in Rio and for three months straight I made Lemonade out of lemons.

Now that summer 2016 is almost over, let’s see who were the ultimate winners and ultimate losers. I’ve broken it down into 4 major news categories for you: Celebrity, Olympic, Politics and Miscellaneous.

FYI – You might notice some clear losers not on the list. I’ve left them off due to previously posting about their total lameness or they’re just like, so obviously a loser that it would be an insult to you and this post’s intelligence to include them. Duh. 



Taylor Swift – Loser

Yosub Kim, Content Strategy Director taylor swift mad problems bad blood

And I don’t think we can solve them.

Drake – Winner

smile drake smiling keep it 100

Did you turn on the radio this summer?

Blacc Chyna – Winner 

rob kardashian blac chyna rob and chyna

Winner as of this summer. This could certainly change by winter. All around risky business.


Hope Solo – Loser

hope solo hope solo

Not just a loser, but a sore one at that.

Simone Biles – Winner

women gymnastics simone biles usa gymnastics artistic gymnastics

In every sense of the word.

Abbey D’Agostino + Nikki Hamblin – Winners 

The best kind of girl-on-girl action out there.


Anthony Weiner – Loser

anthony weiner

The man just can’t help himself.

Hillary Clinton – Winner

wow omg shocked hillary clinton dnc

Like her or not, she made history this summer.

Malia Obama – Winner

Julie Winegard malia obama smoking kills art illustration

She’s grown up before our very eyes. Cheers to her for making silly decisions like the rest of us.


Lemonade – Winner 

lemonade lemon squeezing

Look, if lemonade was on the menu, I ordered it.

Milk – Loser


Not even a bunch of hot-almost-naked moms could make milk happen.

Brendan Dassey – Winner

scene mind documentary making murderer

False. Brendan will soon be a free man. Let’s all enjoy a collective sigh of relief.

Until Next Time, Summer!

xo Lauren

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