Transformation Tuesday: Nicki Minaj

Hi Friends!

Today’s transformation belongs to none other than Miss Nicki Minaj/Roman/Barbie Bitch/Nicki The Ninja/etc. etc., someone who gives zero fucks (whoever she is at that very moment) when it comes to fashion as a form of self expression. Ugh, jealous. She’s fun. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, or wait, does she? Idk, that’s not the point. The point is, Nicki has definitely transformed not only herself but the name of the game when it comes to consistently keeping a strong female presence in rap.  You know me, such a sucker for a strong female presence in any industry.


 Late 90’s?

Even though I have confirmed this is in fact Nicki (my strong sources include Google) it’s still kind of unbelievable.


Not exactly grasping the “girl next door” concept, Nick.


The same look I give a plate of nachos as it arrives at my table.


Easing into Pink Friday…I call this Pink Thursday.


Well that escalated quickly.



I mean I’m just kind of like, a less is more kind of gal? Also her hair makes me think of the pink insulation in my attic which in turn has made me itchy.


Satanic cult cape aside- eyebrows, eyeliner, lips & face on effing point. 


Stick a fork in her, she’s cooked. 



That smile though! But also please don’t kick my ass.



Who are you and what have you done with Nicki?



There she is! Super sexy, super chic but also letting these bitches know.

To sum it up, Nicki does what she wants. I kind of love how you never know which form of her will show up on the carpet or at appearances. I love Nicki/Roman/Barbie/etc. etc. and rap is totally a better place with her in it! I gotta admit though, I think she should smile more because she has like, a really pretty smile.

Until next time!


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