We Know What You Should Be For Halloween

Hi Friends!

So, who’s ready for Halloween? No one? Thought so. As an adult, Halloween gets me mega stressed out. Mostly because I feel all this pressure to have these super bomb plans when in reality the night itself mostly just bombs. OR – like last year – I for once had plans and scrambled at the last minute for a costume.

I ended up spending way too much money on a mediocre costume and caused my face to break out in a cluster of stress zits. NOT THIS YEAR I say, NOT THIS YEAR.

This year my friends, with the help of Irina who can plan the pants off any great Halloween costume, we’ve created a quiz to tell you exactly what you should be this year based on your personality. Each result will have two suggestions – what Irina suggests and what Lauren suggests.

So, unless you already have set plans to sit on the couch and watch Hocus Pocus all night, which in that case I’m kinda jealous, take the quiz below and get a head start on killing it at your party!

–> QUIZ: We Know What You Should Be For Halloween <–

Enjoy! And seriously, let us know which result you got!! (@ivjewelry on insta)


xo Lauren & Irina

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