can i have a moment?


I apologize for the lack of usual intro excitement (Hi Friends!) I’m just not feeling particularly cheerful and I know I’m not alone.  img_2913Man, this stings – hard. On a variety of levels. You know when you really believe in something? So strongly, so whole-hardheartedly. It’s not just believing in Hillary. It’s believing in civility. Believing in evoking a real change – a woman President in a colorful pant suit – not another 70 year old white man in and ill-fitting blue suit and red tie. Believing that the majority of good Americans could see right through all his outlandish promises.

Watching Tuesday night unfold was a horrible nightmare. This isn’t just a Democrat losing to a Republican. Not to me at least.

sad gross sick jim carrey ill

He didn’t just win, he got control. He has the Senate AND the House. His outlandish platform promises have the potential to become America’s reality. This outcome is just about the worst case scenario for anyone who believes in what I believe in. The progress made in equality, the protection of a woman’s reproductive rights, the conversation on climate change, will now be replaced with building a wall (which Mexico will pay for), continuing the criminal investigation on Hillary to “lock her up” (he promised, remember!) and defunding Planned Parenthood. Where is the civility?

For these reasons, and some others which I’m having difficulty articulating, are why yesterday I went about my day in a complete haze. A foggy mess. A spontaneous sob occurred at least three times. Not because I’m a sore loser. Not because I’m dramatic.

Because I feel broken.

Ya know, when I first registered to vote at 18 years old, I registered as a Republican! In high school, I was in the Young Republicans. But as I got older, got some life experience under my belt, my views began to shift and reshape. Realizing that I no longer lived in a bubble and my reasoning of well, that doesn’t affect me turned into hopefully that will never affect me turned into today’s whether it affects me or not, it affects someone who needs help and someday that could be me. Needless to say, I changed my party affiliation.

So, now what.

We get shit done. We get involved. For real. Let’s not act like the election was just some trend for funny memes and inspirational feminist quotes. Let’s not just tweet and post #notmypresident and #twitterblackout because the reality is, he is our President. I’ve always been told that it all starts with our local and state governments. It’s what directly affects us. It’s not very glamorous and it doesn’t get the media coverage like federal and national does but it’s the truth. Election 2016 obama barack obama president obama dont ever think you cant make a difference

First, find out who your local officials are  >>>HERE<<<  and find out what’s going on. Find out what’s being presented and voted on. Call them, tweet them, subscribe to their email list – BE HEARD. If we continue to stay silent, things will continue the same way.

So. That’s that. Thanks for reading this. Thanks for listening. What’s done is done. It television fun leslie knope liz lemon bitchessucks. It’s not how I imagined the days after the election and it’s certainly not how I imagined the next four years. Let’s take some time to mourn the loss of breaking the glass ceiling – then let’s get up, brush the dirt off our shoulders and handle it.

I love you all! Mean it.

xo Lauren