Transformation Tuesday: Malia + Sasha Obama

Hi Friends!

So, it’s Tuesday, November 8th. My stomach is in absolute knots and my heart is in my throat. These are just two of my many Election Day symptoms, for obvious reasons. The fact that a man who once bragged about grabbing women by their genitals could potentially be the Commander-In-Chief, is really the biggest reason. Another equally disturbing feeling is that this means the Obama’s will no longer be in the White House. I could weep right now.

Since its Transformation Tuesday and since I need to stare at the Obama’s faces to make me feel better, this edition is dedicated to the beautiful, sweet and cool AF sisters, Malia + Sasha. Join me on an emotional trip down memory lane.




The not yet First Family – they have no idea what they’re in for! Also this picture proves Michelle apparently does not age.



The girls with cool mom Michelle in Disney. She’s defs not like, a regular mom.



Sasha’s like “what’s the big deal? All he did was get elected President.” Malia knows what’s up.


Their dad is literally making history at the very moment this pic was taken at his Inaugural Parade. Whatevs, it was probably a super long and cold day.



So cute and so pretty, yet so preoccupied and so bored.



At their father’s second Inaugural – deuces up, duck and stank face. Nailed it.



Being a First Daughter must be like, wicked boring but also where can I buy Sasha’s dress?


girls-couldnt-help-smile-over-dad-jokesSasha wore glasses and a jean skirt, so I bought glasses and a jean skirt.

March 2016 img_2848

The girls walking into the state dinner looking gorgeous. It’s obvious where they got it. From their mama. Michelle Obama Mama, that is.

August 2016

Malia attended Lollapalooza this summer and made headlines….for being a normal teenager.

September 2016

Ugh these two are so effing cool. Sasha (all grown up) enjoying the Made In America concert.

Please don’t leave me…I mean us! I feel like we all took you two for granted these past 8 years. The truth is, I never wanted to think about this day.  You guys are so cool because your parents are so cool.

Malia – See you around Boston.

Sasha – stay cool and please don’t stop wearing choker necklaces and crop tops.

Miss you both already!

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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