Holiday Gift Guide // For The Trendy Girl In Your Life //

Hi Guys!

Because we like you (der) and also because we sort of  have no life (the first step is admitting), we’ve put together a handful of holiday gift guides in the hope that it makes your life easier! If something piques your interest just click the name of the product at the bottom of the page and you’ll be directed to it’s website. 

Today’s guide is dedicated to the person who likes to keep up with the latest trends – whether it’s makeup, accessories or avocados (no, seriously!) –  whoever that happens to be in your life, we can pretty much promise that these 10 gift ideas will not disappoint. And if they do- I’m sure they’ll tell you so, maybe just keep the receipt?



Kylie Lip Kit –  Lauren personally loves the “So Cute” lip gloss, because let’s face it- she can’t control herself. But honestly, any girl who enjoys makeup and keeps up with the Kardashian-Jenner’s will appreciate! Added Bonus: her packaging is super cute, prices are reasonable and website is easy to navigate.

I Heart You Ring – Gotta show Irina Victoria Jewelry some love! Not like it’s hard, this ring is a best seller for good reason. It’s adorable and proves that a perfect gift can come in small packages.

LuMee – Got a no-shame-selfie-lover on your list? The LuMee it is. You guessed it, Lauren is a proud owner of one. [insert eye roll emoji] A case that not only gives perfect lighting anytime anywhere, it’s also super durable. We know. Because Lauren drops her phone 30x per day.

Avocado Tree Starter Kit – We heard that there’s a shortage of avocados. Pretty sure it’s a sign of the looming zombie apocalypse. No worries though, the avocado lover in you life will be able to grow their own. So, when you’re fighting off the zombies, you’ll at least have fresh guac.

Dogeared Totes + Lil’ Zips – Super cute canvas tote and makeup bags with equally cute sayings printed on them.

Adidas Hat – So hats are like, a thing again and we could not be happier. Also, Adidas is so hot rn, so you will totally impress someone trendy as a gift giver, because you also know what’s up.

Mermaid Blanket – So like, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? A warm knitted blanket guaranteed to keep your feet warm AND fulfill a childhood dream of becoming Ariel? Who doesn’t want to be a part of THAT world?

Retro Polaroid Camera – In the world of social media and uploads, there’s definitely a soft, nostalgic spot in our hearts for the good ol’ instant Polaroid. Irina can relate – she snapped her entire wedding week in Mexico with one. There’s just something about holding the photo in your hand rather than scrolling on a screen.

Nasty Woman Tee – Because of certain current events, the Nasty Woman movement has not only been born, it’s in full blown swing. If you’ve got a proud feminist on your list this year – we highly recommend this tee! Message aside – 50% of all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Nasty Women unite!

Birchbox – We. Love. Birchbox. Get it. Gift it. Live it. Tailored to your wants and needs, it’s a once-a-month subscription box containing usually 5 or 6 samples. Skincare, haircare, perfume and LOADS more. If you like it, go on their website and buy it.

Happy Shopping!

xo Lauren + Irina

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