Holiday Gift Guide // For The Mom + Sister In Your Life //

Hi Friends!

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving filled with lots of love, turkey and little-to-no political family arguments.

As promised, here is the second installment of our holiday gift guides! This one’s for the moms and sisters in your life.

Maybe she’s blood, maybe she’s not. Maybe she’s an in-law or a sister who is a mom –   Whatever or whoever she is, don’t even sweat trying to figure out a gift, we’ve got you covered.



World’s Okayest Mug – Keep it real and get cheeky with this ‘okayest’ mug. I mean, we don’t want anyone’s ego getting too big, gotta keep them in check. Loads more available on website!

Family Cookbook – A totally thoughtful and practical gift. Transfer all those family recipes scribbled on tiny sticky notes into an organized professional looking book!

iPad Utensil Stand – This stand is a no-brainer for any mom who likes to refer to their iPad while trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.

Plaid Blanket Scarf – Every year we get someone on our list a scarf. For Lauren, it’s always her sister. A blanket scarf? Next level for sure.

IVJewelry Monogram Coin Necklace – The perfect everyday necklace for any mom. Stamp coins with the initials of her kids, they’ll love it AND additional charms are available!

Because I Said So Tee – Tbh, what mom hasn’t said this a million times in her life time? Let her save the vocal chords and just point to her shirt.

Bedside Smartphone Stand – Moms sure do love their electronics. Just can you PLEASE stop asking us how to download iTunes and why you can’t zoom in on Instagram?

Scentbird – Tons of designer fragrances to choose from in this monthly subscription box AND there’s no guesswork involved – moms can easily pick which fragrances they’d like to try out for the month.

Coconut Deluxe Gift Set – Firm believer that coconut cures anything and everything and clearly The Body Shop agrees. They even wrap this gift set in a pretty ribbon and box – which we know a mom appreciates.

Custom Address Stamp – Maybe she recently moved? Maybe she travels often? This personalized rubber stamp is great for letters, luggage tags and lots more. Plus it’s super cute and a bit nostalgic.

Happy Shopping!

xo Lauren + Irina

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