Get To Know Kerrie M. Burke

Hi Friends!

ICYMI Kerrie M. Burke is this year’s #Bloggerstyle Collection collaborator and we at IVJ couldn’t be happier!

Currently living in Boston, she’s the real deal when it comes to lifestyle and fashion blogging and being an all around cool chick.

Enjoy getting to know Kerrie better by reading the quiz she took for us below AND don’t forget to check out the Harmony Collection before it’s too late and gone forever. No pressure.


Name:  Kerrie M. Burke 

Mini bio:  Boston-based coffee guzzler and style lover behind the blog,

My Current Style Inspo:  Olivia Palermo olivia-palermo

N*Sync or BSB:  BSB! No contest! 

After Moving to the States I Had to Get Used to: Um, everything! Even the most everyday things (think grocery shopping – seriously!)were completely different and jarring to me at first. Honestly, I think it has more to do with the general “mood” of the cities than anything else. 

bonoMy Favorite Irishman Is:
a. Colin Farrell
c. Liam Neeson

The Last Thing That REALLY Made Me Laugh:  Making completely ridiculous slow-mo vids with the hubby. huge-dorks

My American Idol (RIP) Audition Song Would Be:  Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping is always good for a drunken sing along – and clearly I’d have to be drunk to sing in public!idea-of-hell

…She gets knocked down, but she gets up again!

The Hardest Part About Being A Blogger Is:  I suffer from obsessive comparison disorder so yeah . . . constantly feeling insecure and inferior. blast

The Best Part About Being A Blogger Is:  Working on projects that aim to give back. I’m hoping to do a lot more of that in the near future. 

My Favorite Spice Girl Is:
a. Sporty
c. Ginger
d_circle Poshnow
e. Scary

I can’t live without my:  Carmex   carmex.jpg

Who Would Play Me In The Story Of My Life?
a. Anna Kendrick
b. Kate Winslet
c_circle.jpgSandra Bullock
d. Other: meryl streep.jpg

stigma-freeMental illness is important to me because:  My mom battled depression her entire life and when I was 16 she lost that fight. I’m truly hoping that this collection will help to spread awareness, tolerance and understanding of the different mental health issues that are both directly and indirectly impacting the lives of so many today. 

rosieWhat I hope a girl feels while wearing a piece from harmony:  Strong, inspired and confident.I hope she’s reminded of her self worth,reminded that she can and should go show the world what she’s made of. 

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