Finders Keepers.



Hi Friends!

I’m so happy you’re here and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this month’s IVJewelry birthday festivities…

… and if you have no idea what I’m talking about…welcome to the party! Hey, it’s better to arrive late than never. This is after all, our final surprise. Let’s go out with a bang, shall we?


Below you will find all the hella important details of surprise #4

Enjoy and good luck!

The Name Of The Game

Finders Keepers

A treasure hunt that will require a small amount of effort with big time prizes at the end.

Follow the clues that will take you on an adventure through all the worlds of IVJewelry.

The first nine people to complete each step will find the buried treasure!

Must be completed by Monday, January 30th at 11:59pm eastern/standard time.

The Loot

Grand Prize – The first person to complete will win Irina Victoria Jewelry’s new arrival Finders Keepers Combo Necklace! (serious first dibs ’cause it’s not even available on the site yet!)


Runners Up – The next three people to complete will receive 25% off their next purchase. 

Honorable Mentions – The next five people to complete will receive 15% off their next purchase. 

We’ll email you within 48 hours of completing the treasure hunt to let you know if you won!


First thing’s first.

In order to start the hunt, click the ‘x’ so we know who’s in it to win it.



Clue #1


Silly you – you’ve already read your first clue! Once it dawns on you, you’ll discover where to go for clue #2! 

Image result for gif thinking hard

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren + Irina

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