can i have a moment?

I need to blog something out rn.  I’m feeling all sorts of feels. 

Tomi Lahren. Are you familiar? She’s an ultra conservative political commentator described as the “White Power Barbie” and is an “anti feminist who admires strong women”  What the fuck does that even mean?  She’s compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK.  She called Colin Kaepernick a crybaby for silently protesting while the anthem played.  She’s basically cut from the same Ann Coulter cloth. The worst.

Last week Tomi appeared on The View and to the surprise of many, had this to say:

Tomi basically shocked everyone (including me and Joy Behar) when she announced her personal stance on abortion, not to mentioned she has a very good point about conservative, limited government ideology.  Joy nearly fell off her chair.  Following Tomi’s appearance her boss, none other than Glenn Beck suspended her from his conservative network TheBlaze.  Glenn obviously disagrees with Tomi on the topic of abortion and probably felt personally attacked at the sound of hypocrite.  Who’s the snowflake now, Glenn?

So then I start seeing these (so-called) feminist accounts on social media posting memes like the one below, reveling the suspension.


So herein lies the conflict:  I think Tomi Lahren sucks and I’m sure if she were to meet me, and discuss views on the world, she would think I sucked too. She’d call me a crybaby and I’d call her a bigot.  BUT,  isn’t it incredibly un-feminist of us to find happiness in the fact that a woman has been disposed of by a man like Glenn fucking Beck? A fellow woman (let’s put her terrible political views aside)  has potentially lost her job because her male superior didn’t like what she had to say.  About the rights to her own body, I might add.  Are we supposed to be happy because she “Had it coming”? Does it “Serve her right”?

Correct me if I’m wrong but, don’t us feminists despise those kinds of dismissive terminology?
Although I’m still confused, I feel better now that I’ve blogged it out.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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