We’re eco-friendly. Here’s why…

Hey Friends! Irina here.

Happy Earth Day!

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Question: how many Nat Geo and BBC documentaries about planet Earth and its intricate workings does it take to make me feel single-handledly responsible for everything, good and bad, happening on our planet right now?

Answer: I dunno… maybe 1 or 2?

In case you didn’t already know

Once upon a time I went to college, graduated with a degree in microbiology, and worked in the research science field for 5 years. I thought that would be my life long career and jewelry was just a hobby. Turns out I got it all wrong and it’s actually the reverse.

Nevertheless I love science. And like, not just a little… I really really love it. It’s just so damn cool.

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Thanks to scientists keeping me up at night panic-stricken, I’m hyper aware that every choice I make has an environmental impact. It should come as no surprise that eco-consciousness is one of our core values.

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Peace Out Buyers Remorse

I’d bet big money that we have a lot in common and care about similar things. So when Lauren and I shaped this brand we thought hard about what gives us the warm and fuzzies as a consumer. Being eco-friendly was at the top of the list. Simply put, guilt free shopping makes everyone happier.

We’re eco-friendly, here’s how
  • Popular and best selling designs are handmade (by me!) in small batches. All other designs are handmade to order. This cuts down on unnecessary waste and a large inventory.
  • 99% of the sterling silver we use is recycled and originates in the USA. This includes gold vermeil pieces as sterling silver is its core.
  • Scrap metal that can’t be reused gets recycled.
  • We work with local platers that are OSHA compliant and keep a close eye on their environmental impact.
  • We don’t use gemstones. It’s not that we have anything against them, I just love the way silver and gold look alone. But if we’re keeping score you can count this in the eco-friendly column since most gemstones are mined.
  • 50% of proceeds from our Wildlife Collection is donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network.
  • Our mailer envelopes are made from 100% post-consumer waste and can be reused and recycled. And our packing paper is naturally biodegradable, compostable, SFI-certified (renewable source), and fully recyclable.

This is what we’re doing right now. And as resources, information and technology evolves we are gonna be right there with it improving Irina Victoria Jewelry.

Planet Earth for lyfe,


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