Currently Crushing: Jessie James Decker

Hi Friends!

Jessie James Decker represents my current life goals. She’s got her own career, she’s married to a hottie football player, has adorable kids, and is so pretty it makes my hair hurt. Idk why my hair hurts but it just does. I get lost on her Instagram. And while doing so, I ask myself why am I doing this to myself? But I just can’t stop scrolling. It’s a black hole of self hate. But I can’t help myself, she’s just so damn cute and even though I’m so envious of her life and I wan to wear her skin – she gives me reassurance that even when you have it all, you can still be a nice person.

Below are some reasons why I’m currently crushing Jessie James Decker.


 jessie james decker as prom queen

(because duh)


Jessie James Decker stuffing her mouth with cheetos.

Jessie James Decker on stage.

Image result for jessie james decker performing

Jessie James Decker in labor.

Jessie James Decker shopping at Target.


Jessie James Decker checking her dipstick.

Jessie James Decker pumping.


Jessie James Decker supporting her husband.


Jessie James Decker at a pumpkin patch.

Jessie James Decker taking time for herself.


Jessie James Decker making my hair hurt.


IMHO: She’s equally amazing while pumping her breast milk as she is walking the red carpet. Did that sound creepy? I don’t like have a fetish or anything. I just mean that I really think when someone is equal parts inner beauty and outer beauty, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing – you’re always beautiful!

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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