8 Lies I Told My Mother.

Hi Friends!

Let’s be honest, even the most well behaved kids tell little white lies every now and then. Then those same well behaved kids turn into teenagers and all hell breaks loose. I wonder, Did my mother honestly believe me all those times I promised a responsible adult would be present?Chances are no. But hey, kids will be kids and honestly the fact that we got away with so much (relatively unscathed) is just one of many reasons why moms are pretty cool. Let’s not forget- she was a kid once too.

Below is a list (in not particular order) of 8 tiny lies I would tell my mother to either try and get what I wanted or try and get out of trouble, sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t – you know what I mean, because I’m fairly certain you used some of these too, but I’d love to actually know!  So, at the end of this post take the poll so we can all laugh together and actually be friends. 


” I have a sore throat”

 work mean girls sick office job GIFThis was my go-to ailment because I really did get a ton of sore throats growing up resulting in a tonsillectomy at seventeen (which was great timing bc soon after I was out of high school and no longer had to scheme to get out of a test).

“I promise I’ll be home by curfew” Image result for teen sneaking in house gif

And when I’m not, I hope to god you’re asleep and not waiting for me on the couch with that look of disappointment.

“My report card isn’t ready yet”

Image result for gif lying about grades

I delayed the truth every single term in high school. Literally. Mostly because report cards came out on Friday and I wanted to at least enjoy one last weekend before being grounded for awhile.

“But everyone else is doing it!”

 mtv crying cry jersey shore disappointed GIFAs an adult (kinda) this one makes me cringe. Mostly because I can hear the whiny tone in which I said it. I mean my Mom was right. So if everyone jumped off a bridge you would do it too?? Plus the fact that everyone else was not doing “it”

“Chaperones will be there”

Image result for gif chaperones will be there

Not one time was there a responsible adult at the place I told mom they would be. Sorry, Ma.

 “Yes, I cleaned my room”

Image result for gif how girl cleans room
JK I shoved everything in the closet including dirty dishes.

“I’m sleeping at [insert bff’s name] tonight”

Image result for girls lying teenagers gif

I’ll actually be drinking warm Busch Lights in the woods.

“I promise I won’t drive any my friends around”

 movies happy girls party car GIF
I’m not sure if it’s the same in every state, but in good ol’ Massachusetts it’s against the law to drive with other minors in your vehicle for the first 6 months. But like, that’s totally unreasonable and you know it, Mom!

I wanna know! Take the Poll! White Down Pointing Backhand Index | EmojiStickers.com

Until next time!

xo Lauren

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