Where Are They Now?: 90s Heartthrobs

Hi Friends!

Remember magazines like Tiger Beat, J-14 and Bop? Idk if they even constitute as magazines. Like, there were no articles. Pages were splashed with a chaotic mish-mash of hottie’s faces next to random facts about them, ones like: I like extra butter on my popcorn! and The first thing I notice on a girl is her eyesYa, okay kid. Every inch of my bedroom walls were covered in the cheap paper posters that were inside. I was a bit boy crazy.

But you guys remember all this too, right? Right. What you might not remember are the actual hotties who’s faces littered your walls.  Sure – Leo has done pretty well for himself and Hanson is like, kind of around (?) – But what about the others?

Where the hell are they now? Enjoy!

Andrew Keegan

Then: The exotic looking hottie from TV shows like Baywatch, Full House and Party of Five.

Now: The leader of Full Circle, a “spiritual community center” in Venice California. AKA a weird cult that seems to always be on the brink of bankruptcy.

Zachery Ty Bryan

Then: The older brother hottie on Home Improvement.

Now: The father of three is the creator of Flash Mafia. A social photo sharing app that provides both professional and crowd sourced photos of celebrities. That’s…weird?

Erik Von Detten

Then: Greasy haired hottie from Brink! and The Princess Diaries.

Now: Your guess is as good as mine. Google gave me nothing. Those aren’t even his kids, They’re his niece and nephew. BUT, did you guys know he’s the voice of Sid in the Toy Story movies?! Kewl.  

Rider Strong

Then: The bad boy hottie from Boy Meets World.

Now: He naturally hopped on board the Girl Meets World train in 2014, but Disney recently announced it’s cancellation prior to season 4. Looks like Rider’s schedule just cleared up.

Jason Behr

 Then: The Sci-Fi hottie from Roswell.

Now: Living the domestic life with a wife and kid. Jason hasn’t appeared on TV since 2012. Boooring.

Sasha Mitchell

Then: The I-wish-he-was-my-stepbrother-hottie from Step By Step.

Now: Besides the bloat, Sasha now has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and custody of his children. I guess things are looking up?

Tony Lucca

Then: The Mickey Mouse hottie from the MMC.

Disclaimer: I was OBSESSED with the MMC and more specifically, Tony Lucca. Needless to say, I did not need Google for this one, because I’ve kept up with his going-ons.

Now: Since MMC ended (in 1994) Tony has always been juust outside the pop star bubble, which is probably torture. He opened for N*Sync, dated Keri Russell and was the runner up on The Voice in 2012 – even signing a record deal with Adam Levine only to be let go soon after. He’s currently touring but even I don’t care (which is saying a lot).

Devon Sawa

Then: The all-American looking hottie from Casper, Now and Then and The Little Giants.

Now: It seems like not a whole lot. Back in January Sawa tweeted that he was “finally ready to do a Casper sequel” and asked Now and Then writer where she was “at the Now and Then 2 script” then when no one cared he took it all back and tweeted “I should have said Little Giants.”

Nate Richert

Then: the dumb jock hottie on Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Now: With the most dramatic of transformations – this is what Nate looks like now. These days, you can find him on YouTube (don’t) where he uploads funny (they’re not) comedy sketches and music.

Stay tuned for more!

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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