10 Ways I Can Tell I’m Getting Older

Hi Friends!

A couple weekends ago I attended a three day music festival called Boston Calling. It was great, but I gotta say – nothing makes you feel 30 years old like standing in a crowd full of 19 year olds mosh pitting to Run The Jewels and Major Lazer. I mean, is it too much to ask that the older people get a designated area to politely enjoy the show? Oh right, that’s called the VIP area and I was too cheap to splurge for it.

Besides mosh pits and the fact that a week later I’m still sore (from standing?) I realized there are a handful of ways I can definitely tell I’m getting older. Below is that list.



1. Googling Abbreviations Kids Use These Days.

Examples: TFW, IRL, ICYMI.

 baby confused idk unsure good luck charlie GIF

2. When Are The MTV Video Awards On? I Have No Clue.

2016 MTV Video Music Awards mtv vmas video music awards key and peele GIF

3. The Amount Of Friends I Now Have.

Sherlock friends sherlock benedict cumberbatch bbc GIF

4. Preventitive Ibuprofen.

 pill GIF

5. There Is Nothing Like A Good Foot Soak.

Related image

6. My Niece (Whom I Watched Take First Breath) Is Now A Teenager.

 reaction emotional mayhem i'm an emotionally compromised teenage girl GIF

7. Anxiety When Gas Tank Is Under 1/4 Tank.

 cher clueless fox news stacey dash dionne GIF

8. Saying Things Like “Age Is But A Number” & “You’re Only As Old As You Feel”

 humor old people that's not how any of this works that's not how it works geico commerical GIF

9. The Hour At Which I Used To Go Out vs. Now

 meme mad upset memes new york GIF

10. Not Being Able To Tell If You’re 12 or 23.

 hmmm GIF

The fact of the matter is, we all get older, I honestly just never thought I would. It’s just comforting to know that the 19 year olds swigging vodka from a Poland Springs bottle and cutting me in the bathroom lines this weekend will too.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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