Bachelor In Paradise // Developing Story.

In case you haven’t heard – news broke a few days ago that filming of the current Bachelor in Paradise season has been halted pending an investigation of sexual misconduct on set.  Since news broke, reports have been trickling out from various media outlets. The events and allegations are as follows:

Reports Begin To Circulate

Sources claim that all contestants have been sent home indefinitely due to misconduct on the set.

Statement Made By Warner Bros.

“We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set,” it read. “We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations.”

The Narrative Turns To Sexual Misconduct.

While none of the participants have yet to publicly speak, reports begin to leak and sources claiming to be close to the situation speak out. The incident allegedly deals with the issue of consent when a producer of the show felt uncomfortable as filming took place.

“Everyone is just going about their business. Cameras are rolling. Producers are everywhere,” the source noted. “That’s when a ‘third party’ felt uncomfortable, claiming misconduct in the workplace. As of right now, production of Paradise is suspended indefinitely, and they are sending everyone home and telling everyone else to stay home.”

Statement Made By Host Chris Harrison.

“Let me start by saying the safety and care of the cast and crew of our show is of the utmost importance to us. It is with this thought in mind that we made the decision to suspend filming,” the Bachelor in Paradise host stated. “Warner Bros. is handling the details of that investigation. They’re moving quickly to gather all the facts, and once that’s done a clear concise decision can be made about where we go from here. It is my sincere hope that we can come to a quick resolution on this and get back to work very soon.”

Sources Close To DeMario Jackson + Corinne Olympios Speak Out.

TMZ reports that Olympios claims she remembers nothing of the incident, nor giving any sort of consent and blames the producers of the show for not protecting her. Sources close to Olympios say she was in a blackout state when she began to get sexual with Jackson.

Sources close to Jackson claim that the former Bachelorette contestant wants the footage of the encounter released as it will prove no wrong doing took place. His lawyers have allegedly contacted Warner Bros. Studios. Furthermore, after the TMZ report that Corinne did not give any sort of sexual consent, DeMario’s camp shot back, implying that she allegedly was consenting and claim that she “put her genitals in his face.”


And that’s where the story ends…for now. Will keep you updated on any and all new developments.

xo Lauren

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