Currently Crushing: Chance The Rapper

Hi Friends!

I recently had the privilege of seeing Chance The Rapper live and he definitely did not disappoint. Thank god because IMHO there’s nothing worse than liking an artist enough to spend money on a ticket and that artist totally sucking in concert. Also… speaking of god, I’m not like, a huge fan of the holy spirit (is god even the holy spirit? Or is that Jesus? Are god and Jesus the same person?) but Chance defs is. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just thought I’d throw that out there for you to know.

Anywaaaays, chances are, you’ll be crushing him too after reading this (if you don’t already!)


Chance The Rapper as a dapper child.


Chance The Rapper wearing beige overalls.

Chance The Rapper with his daughter + the Obamas.

Chance The Rapper in matching pajamas.

Chance The Rapper holding two bats.

Chance The Rapper surfing.

Chance The Rapper in a bucket hat.

Chance The Rapper spotted by a fan at the airport.

Related image

Chance The Rapper spotting above fan at the airport.

Image result for chance the rapper airport fan

Chance The Rapper looking Image result for fire emoji

Image result for chance the rapper

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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