Super simple DIY choker t-shirt

Hey Friends!

Irina here, sharing a recent fashion project. Tops with a built in choker are trending right now and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love it. There’s something about a choker that just makes every woman look (and feel, imho) strong, confident and beautiful. Moreover, garments with a choker are so easy to style– hair up?  hair down?  earrings?  dainty necklace?  All of it works.

choker tee

I made one for myself weeks ago out of a baggy crew neck tee (I have this obsession with baggy t-shirts, but absolutely hate feeling like I’m wearing a potato sack. This was my solution) and have received so many compliments from friends and strangers, so I wanna share.

One final note, because I did this weeks ago with no intention of sharing I don’t really have photos. I did the best I could to whip up a detailed diagram in Photoshop though.

Ok, buckle up buttercup and let’s do this!

Finished look:

choker tee 2

Estimated time: 30 minutes

What you need:

  1. New or old crew neck tee
  2. Ruler
  3. Marker or fabric chalk
  4. Sewing pin
  5. Sharp scissors
  6. Piece of cardboard (optional, insert between shirt layers to prevent accidental cutting)

Remember: Once something is cut it’s gone so less is more. Whenever you cut, be conservative. You can always trim more as you go.


choker tee 3

Choker Effect:

  1. Put the shirt on. Figure out how low you want the chest opening to dip. Use a sewing pin to mark the lowest point. (see red mark on diagram)
  2. Lay shirt flat, place cardboard between the front and back layers. This will prevent you from accidentally cutting the back of the shirt.
  3. Grab your ruler and draw a line from the left collar to the pin. Repeat from right collar. If you’re uncertain about the markings, try the shirt on again.
  4. Ready to cut? Adjust the shirt so the collar is closest to you. Pinch the shirt where the shoulder seam and collar meet (see diagram, right collar). Make a small cut with the tip of your scissors to create a hole.
    • IMPORTANT: make the cut as close to the seam and collar junction as you can without actually cutting either.
  5. Cut along the outside of the collar and cut along your marked lines.
    • NOTE: though the guidance lines create a sharp v-neck, I found the shirt looked better with a slightly rounded v-neck. Feel free to improvise a bit, you don’t need to strictly follow the lines. (example: see my real shirt above)
  6. Try the shirt on again. Make adjustments as needed.

High-Low Hem Effect:

  1. Put the shirt on. Figure out how high you want the shirt to come up. Use a sewing pin to mark the center, highest point. (see blue mark on diagram)
  2. Same as step #2 above.
  3. Use the ruler to draw lines from the left and right seam to the middle mark.
  4. Cut from one seam to the other. Again, I found that a rounded cut looked better than a sharp “V”. (example: see my real shirt above)
  5. Now that the finished hem has been removed from the front you need to cut the back to match. Cut straight across, right above the finished hem,  using it as your guide.
  6. Try on and adjust cuts as needed.


Let me know if you tried this!! Share it on instagram and tag @ivjewelry, I would be SO happy to see!

xx Irina

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