We Dig This: Sephora’s Solid Brush Cleaner

Hey Friends!

Welcome to the very first edition of We Dig This. Here, Irina and I will drop some knowledge on anything from products to experiences – all things that we currently love and dig because like, positive vibes only. We’re no experts – but we are consumers – so instead of writing a google or yelp review, we decided to share with all of you.


According to the “pros” your makeup brushes should be cleaned about once a month (this depends on how often and what products you use) but at any rate, this is annoying. Prior to the solid brush cleaner we were using a small amount of baby shampoo, running the water almost the entire time and blotting the brush until it was clean in the palm of our hands. This took forever, left us with a patch of dry skin and lots of guilt for wasting water. At one point I (Lauren) also tried a spray-on cleaner but found them to be expensive and was going through the bottle super fast.

But then I purchased this game changer at Sephora for $14, told Irina about it and we’ve both been hooked since. 

 Sephora’s Solid Brush Cleaner



It’s equipped with a bar of soap and a silicon pad to sweep bristles of the brush over and scrape all that nasty, caked on makeup that’s been there for like, (let’s be honest) awhile.


Quick + Easy How-To:



  1. Wet bar of soap.
  2. Lather up brush bristles or sponge.
  3. Swirl around on the silicon pad (brushes only, the pad will rip your sponges).
  4. Run a tiny bit of water and repeat #3 until you feel like residue is gone-zo.
  5. Reshape bristles and lay flat to dry.

The Results:


More reasons to dig this:

  • Free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Soap contains argan oil and Moroccan fragrances.
  • It lasts like, forever.
  • Makes cleaning your makeup brushes easy and hassle free.

Got an opinion on this product? We’d love to hear if you’ve already tried it or plan on trying it! Comment below to let us know, ya dig?

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren & Irina

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