Currently Crushing: J-Lo

Hi Friends!

Guys, today is Jennifer Lopez’s 48th birthday. I mean, who’s better than J-Lo? She can dance, she can sing and she can act. Her bounce back game is strong as hell–like she can literally bounce back from anything, case and point: Gigli.  Her career has literally spanned my entire life like, Selena was my favorite movie when I was 10 and at 30 years old I will still watch it every time it’s on TV.

Even though she used to have a little and now she has a lot, she’s still Jenny from the block and that’s why I’m currently (and always) Crushing Jennifer Lopez.


J-Lo completing a triathlon.

J-Lo proving you can be friends with an ex.



J-Lo saying it was thiiis small.

J-Lo embodying the #momlife.


J-Lo from the block.


J-Lo eating an ice-cream cone.

J-Lo sharing a makeup free selfie.


J-Lo and her friends after they grabbed a screenshot.

 J-Lo wearing an ADIDAS sweatshirt.


J-Lo is goals.

And one last one just because…



Honestly Jennifer looked more like 48 when she was 25 than she does now–but that was the 90’s when everyone wore dark lipstick. Anyways, A-rod better have done something totes romantic for you girl, Image result for gif jenny from the blockhe better worship you kinda like this guy used to….

Until Next Time!

Xo Lauren

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