Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil 

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You heard it here: tea tree oil is the new coconut oil. It’s a cure all for some of mine and Irina’s most pesky self care problems. Dry/itchy scalp? Tea tree oil.  Acne prone skin or acne scars? Tea tree oil. Irina and I use this little life saver for these reasons and more, that’s why it’s our featured product in this edition of We Dig This.  female rapper GIF

What’s even more dig-worthy is that the products listed below can be found at Trader Joe’s on their (albeit small) personal care shelves, it’s one stop shopping and it’s amazing.


But First, what exactly is tea tree oil?

According to Healthline: Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia bush. The plant is native to Australia.

Aboriginal Australians have historically used the crushed leaves of the plant to treat infections. Nowadays, researchers have assessed the use of tea tree oil in a number of circumstances.

Although more research is needed to truly determine the efficacy, tea tree oil may:

  • help wounds heal
  • help combat head lice
  • help soothe itchiness associated with insect bites and sunburn
  • help relieve some scalp and skin conditions, such as dandruff and psoriasis
  • help clear certain bacterial, fungal, or viral infections, such as athlete’s foot and staph infection

Why we use it + How we use it. 

Image result for cruelty free logoIn our quest to replace all our body and skin care products with cruelty-free alternatives, tea tree oil at Trader Joe’s has won our hearts. Not only is it cruelty-free, it’s effective AF. 

100% Tea Tree Oil


Irina: I like to use the 100% tea tree oil two ways. The first is pretty standard. After I wash my face and pat dry, I grab a cotton ball, dampen it with some warm water and then add a couple drops of tea tree oil. I use the diluted oil like a toner. It leaves me feeling fresh, smooth and tingly before moisturizing. If you don’t dilute with water (highly discouraged) that tingle will feel more like your face is burning off, because it probably is, so be careful!! If I’m on point with my routine, I’ll do this once a day.

Lauren: I also use 100% tea tree oil by diluting it with water on a cotton ball- just not for my face. I use it for my scalp. When it gets itchy or dry I know it’s time for a treatment. Before bed I just take the tea tree oil soaked cotton ball and press it on to the affected areas and throw a headband on. Usually by morning my scalp feels like a million bucks. But you guys serious disclaimer: this stuff has a pretty intense smell and the first few times I used it I thought I was going to pass out. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic but just make sure to close the cap tight right after your done. I promise it’s worth it though.

Irina: The second way is in the shower for my scalp. I swear I have some sort of dermatitis on my scalp that gets irritated when I don’t wash my hair every day, sweat, humid out, dry out — you name it, it’s annoying. I could never get away with living on dry  emma stone easy a ra singing gif singing in the shower GIFshampoo, my scalp would hate me! When I have a flair up I add 3-4 generous drops of tea tree oil to my shampoo and lather. I’ll continue this until I feel my situation has improved. This little trick is great for general scalp care too. The cool, soothing sensation is lovely. 

Cleansing Pads With Tea Tree Oil

large_1469826835Lauren: Think: Neutrogena Rapid Clear face pads but without the feeling that you just straight up injected chemicals into all your pores. Aka there is little to no stinging/burning sensations but alll the clean/fresh feelings. After another positive benefit is that I use these at least one, sometimes twice a day and have never experienced any sort of dryness. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them– or how I ever lived without them before!

Got an opinion on this product? We’d love to hear if you’ve already tried it or plan on trying it! Comment below to let us know, ya dig?

Until Next Time!
xo Lauren & Irina

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