Help The Victims of Hurricane Harvey: Donate Responsibly.

Hi Friends.

This is important. If you are in a position to help and to donate to the people who have been affected by the devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused, you’re in the right place. A simple google search for places to donate to will result in literally thousands of hits, some, if not most of which are scams and/or charities where your hard earned money does little in the form of providing immediate help to the victims.

 Quick Tips

Consumer Reports posted a very informative article about how to donate wisely, it’s the reason I’m posting this. I encourage you to read the entire article but here are some of the important bullets:

  • Don’t be fooled by giving to a bogus charity with a flashy website or a promising name.
  • The best charities to donate to right now are the ones that are actually in a position to help on the ground.
  • The charity watchdog sites Charity Navigator and CharityWatch list dozens of highly rated charities that are in positions to help. They evaluate charities based on lots of factors, including how much donated money is used for their charitable programs as opposed to fundraising and general expenses.
  • Beware of email and social media scams.
  • Right now sending money is the biggest help. CharityWatch says “by buying relief products locally or regionally, charities can reduce shipping costs and more rapidly deliver assistance.”

There’s no denying that what happened, what’s happening and what will continue to happen in Texas and other states affected by Harvey is devastating. What’s even worse is that scum of the earth people will try and capitalize and exploit the disaster by gaining from it financially. You’re a good person and you work hard for your money so if you are compelled to help make sure it’s actually helping.

xo Lauren

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