Transformation Tuesday: Farrah Abraham

Hi Friends!

Sooo as I contemplated who the next Transformation Tuesday honoree (is it actually an honor? Idk) would be- I had to think long and hard if I really wanted to spend my time blogging about a person who, in the bluntest of terms, I really don’t fucking like. 

In the end I decided it had to be the Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham, because honestly her transformation is pretty drastic and today- she’s almost unrecognizable.  Look at me making sacrifices, all in the name of a blog post for my handful of followers. Only for you my friends. Okay I’ll be honest- I totally enjoyed this too.

Enjoy! (or don’t)

 Circa Elementary School

Nope, not a pic of daughter Sophia. They’re twins!

Circa Middle School

Super cute because this was all of us in middle school. Hard to believe Farrah once buttoned up all the way!


Related image

Back when she was just a Teen Mom with a heartbreaking story of losing the father of her child in a car accident.


Related image

All biz in a pin stripe suit.


Brace face and a boa. We should have all seen this coming.


Image result for farrah abraham 2012

Lookin’ like a sweet, girl-next-door.


Related image

Okay actually. I love this bikini and if I had the bod I would totally wear it. She’s clearly had her boobs enhanced by now and if that’s where it ended- I mean, no harm no foul. But…

January 2015


…it did not end there.

April 2015
Phew. Everything’s back to-errr normal?


Related image

I just. I don’t know. She must have back problems?


Is this even Farrah? I’m pretty sure. The tan lines though, nice touch for an event at the Crazy Horse.

For some reason Farrah strikes me as the type of person that regularly google herself.

So Farrah, if you see this, I have these 5 things to say to you:

  1. You do you.
  2. You will only receive the amount of respect that you give out.
  3. Don’t fucking spray paint a pony.
  4. Don’t start beefs with Nicki Minaj.
  5.  If you see this- please start a beef with me.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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