Who Are We Really? Find Out Through Some Buzzfeed Quizzes.

Hi Friends!

Every now and then Irina and I like to pop in and say hey. This is to remind everyone that we are in fact, humans. And guess what! We love taking Buzzfeed quizzes and think they’re a great, easy way to show you who we are, how we think and most importantly- which Disney Prince we should marry. Not going to lie, some of the results have us SHOOK.

Below are the results of the handful of Buzzfeed quizzes Irina and I took (separately) along with our reactions to each result.

Want to take them for yourself? Just click the link attached to each quiz title and let us know your results!


 Quiz #1. Which Beyoncé are you? 

Irina got:


Lauren got:


Neither of us hate these results because honestly, any Beyonce is a good Beyonce.

Quiz #2. Which Sanderson Sister are you? 

Irina got:

sanderson sister

HAHAHA what a bummer…but I can totally see it. 

Lauren got:


‘Come little children, I’ll take thee away…’

Quiz#3. Your Panera Bread Choices Will Reveal A Deep Truth About You

Irina got:


umm… totally false.

Lauren got:


umm…totally one million percent true.

Quiz#4. Pretend To Go To Summer Camp And We’ll Reveal Which Disney Sidekick You’re Most Like.

Irina and Lauren got!

hakuna matata, bitches.

Quiz#5. This Quiz Will Reveal What First Impression You Make On Others. 

Irina got: 

The introvert me is nodding in agreement.

Lauren got: 


I’m such a fraud. In any social situation I’m sweating on the outside and panicking on the inside.

Quiz #6. Which Misunderstood Animal Are You?

Irina and Lauren got!


At least nice old ladies feed us. 

Quiz#7. Your Reaction To These 20 Design Flaws Will Reveal Your Biggest Character Flaw

Irina got:


Okay Buzzfeed, clearly you think I’m shy. Also, spot on.

Lauren got:

OK, this is totally false and can’t really be counted. I didn’t fully understand the format of the quiz. Can I schedule a re-take?

Quiz#8. Are You More Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? 

Irina got:


Devastated and refuse to believe this is true. 

Lauren got:


I’m too distracted by Irina’s result and questioning our entire friendship. 

So to sum us up- Irina is sweet and shy that embraces change and LOVES Britney Spears. Lauren is a charming sexy witch impostor that is fed bread crumbs thrown by old ladies sitting on park benches. Nailed it. 

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren + Irina

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