8 Halloween costume ideas for couples 

Hi Friends!

As an adult Halloween is one of those holidays that is either a total hit or a total miss. As a kid it was always a hit. You dressed up for school, had a parade and then had the main event of trick-or-treating. Nowadays, you either have plans to party or you don’t- there’s really no in between. 

This Halloween I’ve vowed to get a head start because in my mind, if you have a really good idea for a costume, chances are you’ll be motivated to go out and enjoy yourself and more enthusiastic about the holiday in general- at least that’s how my brain works!

So, I scoured the internet looking for some costume ideas that don’t suck and luckily I found a bunch! First up are the couples costumes. Whether it’s you and your boo or you and your bestie, below are 8 costume ideas just for you.


La La Land


Prince George and Princess Charlotte


Squints and Wendy Peffercorn

Taco Belle

Axl Rose and Slash

DJ Khaled and son

Cher and Dionne


Dancing emoji twins


Until Next Time! And if anyone ends up dressing up and having a blast this Halloween PLEASE send us your pics or tag @ivjewelry on instagram!

xo Lauren

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