Stacking Rings 101: A Guide to the Perfect Stack

Hi Friends!

Love the look of stacking rings but don’t really know where to start? Great news. Irina- yes, of Irina Victoria Jewelry- has put together this post with expert tips and great advice!

Below is a crash course on how to stack. If it were a college class it would be called Stacking Rings 101 with Professor Irina. Want an A? Tag us on Instagram using @ivjewelry to show us how you stack! Enjoy!



Start with at least 3 rings to create a simple stack. You can never go wrong with classic smooth and textured bands. Over time you’ll collect more rings and create some bad ass super stacks! What’s a super stack? I think I may have made up that term, but I consider it a stack of 6 or more rings.



Don’t be afraid to mix gold, silver and rose gold! It’s not a fashion faux pas anymore- and honestly if it was, who cares? Look how great the Trifecta Stack looks with all three colors. In my opinion mixing metals is a must for a fun stack.



Be bold, baby! Go beyond stacking thin classic bands and add some texture like the My Little Unicorn Ring and Petite Droplet Ring, for example. Those fun textures definitely add intrigue. Or how about adding an unusual shape, like the Flat Top Ring? If you wanna go really bold add a ring that looks like it shouldn’t be stacked, like below (#5) I added The Eve, a ring I never intended to be stacked when I made it, but after playing around I realized it’s really cute stacked!



Complement your stack with a midi ring on a different finger. I’m a big fan of wearing our broad band midi on my ring finger when I have a small stack on my middle finger.



Stacks are no fun if you’re fidgeting all day! Don’t get me wrong, I definitely admired my first stack and played around with it initially, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. If the stack is too tight or digging into your skin try taking one or two rings off to relieve pressure. Also, if your purchasing rings with the intent to super stack consider buying those rings one size larger for comfort.

I bet you already have a bunch of rings that can be stacked that you never thought of that way. Speaking of which, hey Lauren– wanna tell them how you got into stacking?

I’ll be honest, a few years ago I was totally a sucker for big, chunky, cheap costume jewelry. The kind of stuff that would leave green residue on my skin and never fail to break a week later. I was wasting a ton of money purchasing a $10 ring here and a $20 necklace there only for the chain to break or fake stones to fall out. Thankfully I got WOKE when Irina introduced me to the world of minimalism and all it’s delicate, versatile ways. After investing in a few quality pieces I started to play around and build stacks with rings I already had (like my mom’s birthstone ring) and newbies (like IVJ’s Flat Top and My Little Unicorn). It’s like a lot of fun and it also makes me feel like an adult- like I’m starting to build an actual adult wardrobe.

– Lauren

See? Grab your ring collection and play around! If you need any supplemental rings you know where to find them. 😉

xx Irina + Lauren

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