Irina Victoria Jewelry Gift Guide 

Hi Friends!

This Holiday Gift Guide is extra special because it’s near and dear to my heart. The 10 gift ideas below are my personal favorite pieces from Irina Victoria Jewelry! Like mine, I’m sure your email is currently bombarded with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday specials and discounts. Irina Victoria Jewelry will be running promotions this entire holiday season as well- so if you know someone on your holiday shopping list would love a piece of IVJ, I’ve made it very easy for you to make someone very happy this holiday season.



1.  Roman numerals Bar 14k Gold Vermeil $128.00 / Sterling Silver $110.00

Roman numerals can get tricky if you’re out of practice, so let us handle the busy work. Write in the date below via standard numerical format (ex. MM/DD/YY) and we’ll take care of converting.

2. Coordinates Bar 14k Gold Vermeil $118.00 / Sterling Silver $100.00

Life is crazy. It can take you all over the globe or keep you in one place you love. No matter where you are or where you’ve been, we’ve got you covered with our new Coordinates Stamped Bar! Now you can cherish that special place in your heart or that locale you have always dreamed of.

3. Infinity Choker 14k gold vermeil $188.00 / Sterling Silver $150.00

This Choker is everything you want all wrapped up in a dainty,
lightweight statement piece. The confidence boost is immediate, trust us, and your love for this new piece will be instant and infinite.

4. Monogram Coin Necklace 14k Gold Fill $86.00 / Sterling Silver $76.00

This charm necklace is hand stamped with an initial of your choice. Looking for a gift? You can’t go wrong with this classic necklace. 16″ and 18″ are the traditional lengths, but if you plan to layer we suggest going with the longer 22″ chain!

5. Siren Slim Choker 14k Gold Vermeil $89.00 / Sterling Silver $69.00

Delicate and unassuming with just enough texture – it’s the perfect piece for a subtle detail.

6. Textured band 14k Gold Vermeil + Sterling Silver $32.00

This delicate band is by far our most popular stacking ring… Gotta love that hammered finish! It’s one of those wear everyday kind of pieces because it’s so lightweight.

7. Hamsa Charm Necklace 14k Gold Fill $64.00 / Sterling Silver $54.00

With it’s open hand, the Hamsa is a sign of protection and represents blessings, power and strength. By deflecting the evil eye, the Hamsa Hand is said to bring its owner health, happiness and good fortune. Let the charm work its magic by wearing this necklace as a reminder of your good fortune and strength.

8. Monogram Initial Charms 1/2″ 14k Gold Fill $36.00 / Sterling Silver $33.00

Add as many charms as your heart desires! This coin is a perfect fit to our Monogram Coin Necklace.

9. Trifecta Stack Mixed Metal $102.00

These three together are so perfect, they win every time. Don’t believe us? We’d be willing to bet ya on it.

10. I Heart You Ring 14k Gold Vermeil + Sterling Silver $36.00

Delicate and adorable, we’re swooning for this ❤ ring! It was one of the original dainty designs created by Irina for her collection and it’s by far one of her favorites to make because each heart is slightly different— as it should be!

Happy Shopping!

xo Lauren

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