logo_draft_1Let’s blog it out.  Irina Victoria Jewelry presents: the ivy branch.  A space where lovers of all things pretty, trendy, and pop culture can meet.  We sure love jewelry but think it’s about time we “branched” out. Our world is expanding and we want you along for the ride! Enjoy!




Lauren Margaret | Principal Contributor

Just a twenty-something girl trying my best to navigate life.  I believe I can solve any crime thanks to Law & Order:SVU and Dateline.  I believe Lana Del Rey is the best therapy, although my therapist may disagree.  Firm believer that red wine and Steel Magnolias can get a girl through anything.  Let’s be friends ❤



About_5_editIrina Victoria | Owner & Designer IVJ

Dreamer, believer, hustler. Sometimes contributor at the ivy branch. Not always positive, but convinced the power of positive thinking will get you far. Lover of animals (especially my kitties), tropical getaways, pretty clothes, and all things DIY. Love what I do because I get to make pretty things for you!

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